Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How Social Media Useful To Gain More Customers For Your Salon

If you have a salon then are you on the social media? Still not then you may be losing some potential customers out there. As we are in the digital age it is important to promote your brand on social media. Unless and until you promote yourself you can’t get the amount of customers. We have some social media tips so hot, you’ll think you’ve left your straighteners on!

Why Is Social Media Important For Your Salon?
Social media is not only used to share messages and photos but also a powerful tool for marketing and communication for your business.

Using Social Media For Your Salon
Gone are the days when you post you could post your business page and everyone could see it? Or when you could have a profile and add friends as a business? It can cause a lot of outrage within social media channels. Here are some tips for reaching out to the best audience with or without budget.

Stick To Your Brand & Audience
Every salon is unique in its own way. Your audience may differ from a salon over the road, so never try to copy the other hair and beauty salon equipment suppliers content in social media.
Running a modern salon you should not go off and post a vintage photo and vice versa if you are running a vintage salon. You should be careful while posting anything on social media and ask yourself the following questions.

1)      Does this suit my clientele?
2)      Would my clientele be interested in this?
3)      Does this suit my brand?

Facts, Tips, News & Reviews!
When it comes to posting of content then posts like “We’ve got appointments available” will never going to work out or going to have more followers.

A great way to build audience is to post tips that your customers can do by themselves. Lot salons think they are giving away their “trade secrets”. There is no need to panic as you can post small tips like how to stop your hair ends from splitting.

Nothing screams professional more than facts! Keep posting facts from recent studies to show you keep up with the latest styles and trends. You can also mix up tips & facts!

Always update your clients with the latest news in your salon. People like to know the ins and outs and latest gossip.

Reviews on your hair and beauty salon equipment suppliers from clients show that you can be trusted. Ask your clientele to post a review on social media and also some reviews sites. It is important to reply to the reviews posted. It is important to focus more on bad reviews and turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer is a skill!

Introduce The Team
Remember that your team is the face of your salon. Each team member needs to be introduced in individual posts which show your potential customers who they would be dealing with.
You can simply post a photo of a team member with a brief biography explaining their hobbies and interests and why they work in the industry. Don’t forget any qualification and awards they may hold!
Video content is much encouraging than text or imagery so try having a short Q&A with your staff.

Apart from selling to your customers, you want to reward them too! Try to host some contests using social media and promote which will allow you to gain followers and draw their attention. You can also offer some discounts for the contest winners.

Social media advertising works really good if you know your audience.  You can select where to advertise and who to target? You can target social media users based on their age, gender, preferences and interests.

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